I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I’m just now getting around to it. Above are a few things I grabbed at MICA’s Art Market this year, where students and local artists get to sell their work.

I spent my last semester at mica with some amazingly talented and inspiring artists including:

Michelle Hahn

Erin Lux

Nathan Tamaki

Dan Shaffer

Chris Yoo

John Kim

Shirley Chan

Allison George

Leonard Peng

Matt Rockefeller

Sarah Andersen

Rachel Halper

Joe Casanova

Bart Browne

Evyn Fong

Liz O’rear

Alex Innocenti

Cameron Reigle

Sonia Liao

Deborah Woo

Jenn Phan

Jess Chen

Kate Macdonald

Alaska Kellum

Tom Kilian

Mo Diare

Kayla Bickers

Janine Bond

Anthony Picarelli

Most of them are on tumblr. Its a long list but each artist is definitely worth checking out! They helped me make my last semester exciting and challenging.

Thanks for the boost!

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I bought some gray scale markers and have been having a blast with them. Here’s a drawing of yoh and some heads

Works in progresses

Got my new tablet and wanted to test it out. Did a speedpaint of an environment.

Experimental stuff I did

Doodle I did in gouache

Speedpainting of a girl with purple hair

Sculpture I did in figure sculpture

Just some color sketches in gouache

Some more madness

Master copies from Leyendecker. Did them in marker.

Playing around with markers

Just drawring